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Elegance Adjustable Decking Pedestal - ED6.5 – PW195285

ED6.5 – PW195285

ED6.5 - (7 3/4" - 11 1/4")

New product


The adjustable decking pedestal ED6.5 – PW195285 support comes with

  • 1 x joist cradle
  • 1 x High T-head and fix collar
  • 1 x adjustment ring
  • 1 x T-base

which are interchangeable.

  • These supports can be used to allow for install wood or metal joist. (Decking cradle fit any joist size 3/4" to 2 3/8" (20-60 mm))
  • Unit height range between 7 3/4" and 11 1/4"(195mm – 285mm). Note: The heights shown above do not include the thickness of the raw material you used.
  • Head=diameter 6 11/16" - surface area 35.19 sq.inch. Joist cradle=diameter 6 5/16" - surface area 31.15 sq.inch. Base=diameter 7 7/8" - ground surface 48.83 sq.inch. Extender=extender diameter 4 3/4" - adjustable height.
  • In Entire position breaking loads: 10222 lbs. (Quarter position breaking loads: 4603 lbs.)  (Height in test range: 9 1/4")
  • Material: Polypropylene(PP), material thickness 4.5mm-6mm; Composition 90% PP, 10% talc, UV and black masterbatch, 100% recyclable.
  • Resisting UV rays, weather, sea salt and almost all chemicals. Temperature range: -40°F to +248°F (-40°C to +120°C).
  • Support for outdoor terraces with any kind of material: timber decking, stone, ceramic, composite material, metal, fiberglass grid ... Can be placed on any stable substrate, also over insulation panels.
  • Slope correctors could compensate ground fall 0%-5%, making ideal levelling surface. It is assembled on the bottom of pedestals. Clients could choose to use it or not with different installing condition. Note: Slope corrector is sold separately.


  • Excellent for hiding and equipment
  • Always a flat decking and easily accessible
  • Excellent absorption of structural movement
  • Better acoustic insulation
  • Highly Resistance
  • Significant less weight
  • Quick water drainage
  • Better thermal insulation


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